Yesterday, I posted results of a survey to find out what distributions and desktop environments Linux users are using. Today, I asked the editor-in-chief of for figures solely for Fedora to find out what desktop environments Czech users of Fedora are using. Here are the results (and comparison with figures for Ubuntu from the same survey):

Fedora: GNOME 3 – 45.8%, KDE 4 26.5%, Xfce 12.4 %, GNOME 2 8 %, LXDE 1.8%, KDE 3/Trinity 0.6%, Others – 4.9%. Ubuntu: Unity – 29.8%, GNOME 3 – 20.5%, GNOME 2 – 17.5%, KDE 4 – 14.9%, Xfce – 9.9%, LXDE – 3.8%, KDE 3/Trinity – 0.5%, Others – 3.7%. GNOME 2 also includes GNOME 3 Fallback, MATE.

And some findings:

  • Adoption of GNOME 3 among Fedora users is not bad at all. Almost half of them is already using GNOME 3. Xfce didn’t gain much ground and GNOME 2/Mate is quite low. Ubuntu is apparently struggling more with adoption of their new default environment – Unity. Less than 30 % of its users are using it and the number of users with GNOME 2 is high compared to Fedora.
  •  KDE 4 is very popular among Fedora users. Over 25 % is a really decent job for an environment that is not default. It proves that our KDE SIG is doing a great job. They have always had to fight the widespread opinion that Fedora is a GNOME distro and not very KDE-friendly. Those figures show they are doing great at it and I have a feedback from the community that KDE in Fedora is really well supported. In Ubuntu, KDE is not so popular according to these stats.
  • I expected Xfce to be more popular in Fedora than the stats show. There have been many people loudly saying that they are switching to Xfce because of GNOME 3. This has probably been a bit exaggerated, at least in the Czech Republic. But still: Xfce is more popular among Fedora users than among Ubuntu users.
  • KDE 3/Trinity is pretty much dead. Again, I’ve heard many people saying that they stick with KDE 3 and don’t want to switch to KDE 4, but in fact, almost no one is using it today. It may be a message for MATE developers that stopping time is not a viable vision for a desktop environment. Most users just get used to new generations of DEs, or switch to something else, but don’t stick with old generations.
  • Unity is still an Ubuntu-only thing. Unity was recently ported to Fedora, or more precisely there is a third-party repository with Unity for Fedora, but Unity didn’t get a single vote from Fedora users in this survey. Maybe it’s too early, we’ll see later.