Fedora Community on Telegram

I noticed today that the official Fedora chat group on Telegram had passed the mark of 1000 users. I can’t believe how rapidly it has grown. I created the group for attendees of Flock 2015 and it was supposed to be a single-purpose thing. But after the event people were like “hey, let’s rename it to Fedora and keep it for general chat about Fedora”. Fast forward and we have 1000 users and a lot of other Fedora-related groups popped up.

It’s not an easy job to moderate such a large group. The number of admins has grown to 7 and there is even a separate private chat for communication among admins. Big kudos to Justin Flory who took the leadership here early after Flock and I’ve been mostly just enjoying the position of the group creator and honorable admin.

Fedora Project also has its official news channel on Telegram which is followed by almost 500 users. There are also at least 11 national chat groups, and for example the Russian one has over 300 users. There are also specialized groups (for ambassadors, for packagers,…).

Telegram recently raised the maximum number of users per (super)group to 10,000, so the Fedora community still has some room to grow 🙂

9 thoughts on “Fedora Community on Telegram

    1. The link is correct, are you sure you have a correct association set in your browser? Alternatively, you can search for “fedora” directly in Telegram.

  1. Isn’t Telegram non-free software? At least their server? If so, why would a free software project chose it over e.g. IRC or XMPP or Matrix? Is it technically better? TIA!

    1. Fedora Project doesn’t officially endorse Telegram. Fedora users are there, so Fedora has official chat and news channel there, too, just like it has official accounts on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter which are much more closed than Telegram. If some individuals or groups within the Fedora Project are using Telegram for Fedora-related conversations it’s a decision of these individuals or groups, not any official decision of the Project.
      IMHO Telegram has many technical advantages over IRC or XMPP (not sure about Matrix, I haven’t used it that much), but that would be a long conversation and it’s also very subjective (one can value one feature over another and someone else may have completely different priorities).

  2. You are our Honourable Admin! Thanks for creating this group and keep it going.
    BTW, I didn’t know of a group for Ambassadors, do you have the link somewhere?

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