I’ve been active in the FLOSS community for many years, left my footprints in several projects. Currently, I work for Red Hat Czech as a desktop engineering manager responsible for apps such as Firefox, LibreOffice, Chromium, Evolution, Nautilus. I’m also a Fedora Ambassador and Packager.

This blog doesn’t represent official opinions and statements of Red Hat Inc. or Red Hat Czech s.r.o.!


One thought on “About

  1. Just came across your blog after seeing a post at Phoronix.com linking to your recent post about the email client poll. Just wanted to say that I really like the Notepad theme of this blog. Even though there is a lot of white space around it due to my 24″ 16:10 Dell monitor at 1920×1200, I find the yellow notepad theme very easy on the eyes and it makes other elements such as embedded charts and graphics stand out more. Plus, since I use Redshift to tint my screen according to the sunrise and sunset times where I live, the white areas around the notepad theme aren’t so bad. I don’t know much about WordPress settings, but perhaps the white areas around the notepad theme could be toned downed a notch or two as well. Anyway, although I use Linux Mint with the Cinnamon DE, I still like your blog for the general info on Linux and the more specific stuff concerning GNOME and what’s going on in Fedora. Particularly with the GNOME stuff since Cinnamon is essentially GNOME with plug-ins to make it look more like GNOME 2.

    Thanks again, for what you do.

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