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DevConf.cz 2015: Last Call for Papers!

The deadline of the CfP of DevConf.cz 2015 is really close (Dec 1st). So if you’re still thinking about submitting a talk, stop thinking and proceed to an action: CfP online form 😉

Talks on Fedora or on stuff related to Fedora are especially welcome because the third day of the conference will be Fedora Day where all such talks may find their home.

DevConf.cz is the largest developer conference devoted to Red Hat technologies (Linux, Fedora, JBoss, cloud, virtualization,…). The last edition had almost 100 talks and workshops and around 1000 visitors. The 2015 edition will take place in Brno, Czech Republic on Feb 6-8.


Fedora, JBoss, Linux, Red Hat

Fedora Day @ DevConf.cz 2015

DevConf.cz is the largest developer conference devoted to Red Hat related technologies (Linux, JBoss, OpenShift, OpenStack,…). This year, there were around 1000 attendees which is a sizable number for a deeply technical conference. Because we were hitting the capacity limits of the venue, we decided to move the event to a different university campus which offers more rooms – FIT BUT. For those who attended GUADEC 2013: it’s the same venue.

The next DevConf.cz will span three days again – February 6-8th. And like this year we’d like to make the last day a Fedora Day. I think the Fedora Day was a success this year. Matthew Miller delivered his FPL’s keynote on Fedora.Next, representatives of working groups spoke about their progress, and there was overall an interesting discussion about the direction Fedora was taking. Not counting Flock, DevConf.cz is a conference with the largest number of Fedora contributors, so why not to use it for discussions, planning, and hacking?

I’m also in talks with the CentOS guys whether they want to join us for the Fedora Day and make it a Fedora & CentOS Day. I think there are quite a few topics the two projects can discuss.

DevConf.cz’s CfP has been on for some time and will be open till Dec 1st. If you have an interesting topic for a talk, workshop, or hackfest, submit it. And even if you don’t, consider attending. I assure you that you will enjoy the conference. You will have a chance to attend a lot of Fedora-related talks and meet many interesting people from the project.


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DevConf.cz 2014

Developer Conference 2014 is finally over. The last two weeks were damn busy for me. Just a week before the conference I went to FOSDEM and it wasn’t just attending. I organized a bus with 40 hackers between Brno and Brussels, accommodation for 6 Fedora people, and pretty much the whole Fedora booth at FOSDEM + producing 400 t-shirts for CentOS guys and bringing a lot of other stuff from Brno for various parties. When I returned I didn’t have time to rest because DevConf.cz was just a few days away. This in a combination with very little sleep meant that I had a complete physical meltdown on Wednesday. Not only was I dead tired, but I also got some flu/cold. Then I just focused on surviving till DevConf.cz because as the main organizer I just couldn’t simply back off. So I just worked and slept and removed all stuffing between it and it worked 🙂

We put DevConf.cz just one week after FOSDEM which as I described above almost killed me. But it also had a lot of benefits. Most importantly, people from overseas could come for both events and spend the week between on internal Red Hat meetings in Brno. And a lot of people did. I wondered how many attendees would come this year. Last year, it was around 700, but quite a lot of publicity on the Internet and people mentioning the conference indicated it could be much more this year which could be a problem because the venue is not very large and half of the campus is under reconstruction.

And we did have a lot of attendees. The number from DevConf.cz 2013 was exceeded within two hours and the total number of attendees for the first day was nearly 900. The total number of unique attendees for all three days was around 1000 which was a significant increase from the last year. Especially on Friday, we were hitting the capacity of the venue. Several talks were completely packed. For example the ones about Docker and OSTree where you couldn’t even get into the room if you came too late. I didn’t attend many talks and when I found time to attend one I was usually called back by an urgent problem. Nevertheless, the general feedback I heard from other people was that the talks had even better quality than last year. I really liked the Fedora Day which was the third day of the conference. This attracted a lot of people from the Fedora community and I could actually meet maybe more Fedora contributors at DevConf.cz than at Flock.

I can’t rate DevConf.cz because as the main organizer I’m biased, but from the organizer’s perspective the event went quite smoothly which was mainly due to tireless help of dozens of volunteers without whom the event wouldn’t be possible and I thank them for that.

And DevConf.cz 2015? I’m already thinking about that. We improve the event incrementally based on feedback from attendees to make the event better every year. Some of the proposed changes such as making the talk slots shorter to have longer breaks worked very well and we’ve already gathered new ideas for the next year. We also will have to assess the venue. The cooperation with the university is almost ideal, the location is also very good, but if we want to accommodate even more attendees next year we’ll have to have more space. The reconstruction will be finished in summer and then there should be mid-sized rooms for smaller talk or workshop tracks available. We will see. The only significantly larger venue in Brno is The Brno Exhibition Area which would be a huge cost jump up and I still find university campuses more appropriate for developer’s events.

P.S. Videos of talks from the three main tracks will be online within a few weeks. We’re working on it.

Talk on Docker (© Sirko Kemter)

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Developer Conference 2013 just one month away!

Time flies and Developer Conference 2013 that we have already been preparing for months is just one month away. The program is pretty much finalized and it looks great. Last year, we thought it was not possible to pack more in two days. Well, this year, the program is even richer. We have 60 talks, 18 lightning talks, 20 workshops in 10 sections (Kernel, Core OS, Networking, System Management, Security, Desktop, Documentation, Quality Assurance, Cloud, JBoss). And there are also other events outside the conference program: systemd hackfest and FAD will take place on Thurs and Fri before the conference, GNOME Docs guys will come here for a 5-day-long sprint, Red Hat and SUSE RPM guys will have a session, Arquillian guys will hold a hackfest.

We expanded the social event a bit. Because the university canteen, where we hosted the social event in the last years, was destroyed in reconstruction, we moved it to a legendary Brno club Fléda which is just a few minutes away from the venue. We’ll have a live band etc. Of course, you can always head off somewhere else which is why we prepared a map with all recommended restaurants, cafes, groceries,… near to the venue.

We booked about 60 rooms in Avanti Hotel for the conference and they’re all gone. Avanti is fully booked now (we might get more rooms later if they receive some cancellations). Check out our Accommodation page where you can find other recommended hotels if you haven’t booked one in Avanti. There are many hotels and B&B at different price levels in Brno. Just use hotel.com, booking.com,…

And BTW the conference admission is free and we don’t require people to register. We just keep it in a very free and open source way 😉

Oh, and I almost forgot: please help us spread the word about DevConf 2013 in your LUGs, countries,… We have a nice set of banners.

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DevConf is getting content and it looks great!

It’s been a couple of weeks since we started call for papers for Developer Conference 2013. The call for papers is on till the beginning of December, but here is a little tasting of what we’ve already gathered:

Kernel: Network Team Driver Project (Jiří Pírko), Local Kernel File Systems Update (Lukáš Czerner), Beyond the Experiences of Butterbloat, Have We Found the Cure? (Jesper Dangaard Brouer)

Security: Integration Linux System into Active Directory Environment (Dmitri Pal, Simo Sorce), Identity Management Roadmap (Dmitri Pal), RHEL 7 New Security Features (Daniel J. Walsh), openssh in Fedora and RHEL (Petr Lautrbach)

Core: Hawkey and DNF (Aleš Kozumplík), Package Management in openSUSE (Michael Schroeder), Using a SAT Algorithm to Solve Package Dependencies (Michael Schroeder), Software Collections (Marcela Mašláňová), Evolution of Linux Network Management (Pavel Šimerda), Power Management (Jaroslav Škarvada), BIND10 (Adam Tkáč)

Virtualization & Cloud: SECure Linux App Container (Daniel J. Walsh), OpenShift (Marek Jelen), Java Loves Ruby: Katello on TorqueBox (Lukáš Zapletal), DeltaCloud 1.0 (Michal Fojtík), Open vSwitch on Fedora (Thomas Graf)

Desktop: Creating Translatable Animation in Blender (Jakub Steiner), The Technology Beyond Anaconda New UI (Martin Sivák)

Other: Fedora User Experience (Tom Callaway), Open Build Service – Possible Use Cases for Fedora (Adrian Schrueter), Licensing+Licensing Tool (Tomáš Raděj)

JBoss: What’s New in Java EE 7 (Josef Hartinger), JDK8 – Under the Roof (Jiří Vaněk), Taming Beasts in Arquillian (Lukáš Fryč, Juraj Húska), Developing Mobile Apps with AeroGear (Lukáš Fryč, Ondřej Skutka)

We’ve started publishing introductions of the most interesting speakers at the conference’s website.
This is just a portion of talks that have been already submitted. There are also workshops/labs and short talks and we already have 65 submissions. But there is room for more and if you have an interesting topic, submit it!

There will also be other events during the conference. Several Fedora Activity Days are planned. Systemd developers already announced that they would have a hackfest on Thursday and Friday before the conference. RPM guys of SUSE will have a BoF with Red Hat’s RPM team on improving maintainability of RPMs for openSUSE and Fedora. GNOME Docs team will come to Brno to work on GNOME documentation for 5 days. And more is to be revealed!

BTW we’d like to hear what information you miss at the conference’s website to add it and make your stay in Brno as pleasant as possible.


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Summer Internship in Red Hat

Looking for a summer job? Red Hat Czech (based in Brno, Czech Republic) is opening intern positions for this summer!

  • Do you code in Java, C, Python, Ruby, Perl, or Bash?
  • Would you be willing to spend 15-20 hours a week on development and testing?
  • Looking for a way to try what working for Red Hat is about with possibility to eventually get a full-time job?

The selection procedure for summer intern positions has just started!

We’re currently opening the following types of intern positions:

  • Development Engineering (C/Python/Ruby/Ruby on Rails/Perl)
  • Quality Assurance Engineering (Python/Bash/Perl)
  • JBoss Quality Assurance Engineering (Java)
  • JBoss Engineering (Java)
  • Kernel Development Engineering (C)
  • Support Engineering (good English, admin)

Got interested?

  • send your CV (in English) to jobscz@redhat.com
  • upload your CV to HR system at https://careers.redhat.com/ext/detail?redhat9337
  • get ready for the selection procedure that will take place at the end of May (final dates will be emailed to you)

The selection procedure consists of two parts:

  1. A written test that will test your technical skills. There are two types of tests: one for JBoss candidates and the other one for others. The JBoss test consists of common tasks that will test your knowledge of Java language and some specific Java-related technologies. The other test consists of 3 parts: knowledge of Linux OS,  QA and developer tests. If you’re more interested in development, the developer test will be your priority (written in your favourite language). If you’re interested in QA, the QA test will be your priority. None of the tests require special preps, they are all very general and test your overall knowledge and skills.
  2. Candidates that will pass the test successfully will be invited to a technical interview with one or more team representatives. The interviews will be organized individually in the next two weeks.

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Videos from Developer Conference 2012

All talks at Developer Conference 2012, that took place in Brno on February 17 and 18th, were recorded and we’ve started releasing videos. You can find them in our channel at Blip.tv. Although Blip.tv provides videos in OGV format, too, I don’t know how to make them available to viewers.  If Flash player is banned on your computer you might want to go to fedora.cz where we publish the video in articles and include links to OGV files. The first article with desktop talks has been published there.

For presentation slides go to the conference’s wiki page. We attached there all slides we’d received.

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Red Hat Mini Roadshow in Slovakia

Last week, we did a little roadtrip to Slovakia, went all the way to Košice and stopped in Žilina. It was a long, but pleasant trip during which we did a good job promoting Red Hat and Fedora.

First day, we went from Brno to Žilina which is about 200 km away. We did Afternoon with Red Hat at University of Žilina last year, so we weren’t completely new to students. This time, we focused more on bachelor and diploma thesis topics. We started this program with University of Žilina last year and we already have several students there working on their theses with Red Hat. Hopefully, we’ll get even more students this year. As usually, there were 4 talks:

Thesis with Red Hat (general introduction of Red Hat, how to get involved in Fedora, working on RHT thesis projects,…) – me
BaseOS and Desktop Thesis Topics (FreeIPA, GNOME, KDE, SELinux,…) – Jaroslav Rezza Řezník
Kernel Performance Testing (filesystems etc.) – Adam Okuliar
JBoss Thesis Topics – Robert Balent

After the presentations, we had a beer (alcohol-free in my case :-/ ) with university teachers discussing general Linux topics and further cooperation between the university and Red Hat. Then we jumped in the car and continued another 300 km to Košice.

We were really surprised by the level of organization in Košice. When we arrived to university’s library building where we were going to have our talks our posters were everywhere, including university’s LCDs. We came with red fedoras on and literally everyone was turning to us and looking the way “those are the guys from posters”. We didn’t know what to expect in Košice, neither Red Hat, nor Fedora had ever been there. The audience was pretty large, about 100 people.  And we as speakers could feel the listeners’ passion which you don’t feel any more in cities such as Brno where Linux events take place often. Some of us were really surprised by expert questions, so there are quite a few skilled Linux users in Košice. After I spoke about Fedora release parties, local organizers got an idea to organize Fedora 17 release party in Košice. First Fedora release party in Slovakia? That would be cool!

Our talks were:
Red Hat and Fedora Introduction – me
Fedora Project (governance, how to contribute,…) – Jaroslav Rezza Řezník
Kernel Performace Testing – Adam Okuliar
JBoss Forge (demo – quick and easy app deploying) – Robert Balent

We also gave away a lot of swag (mugs, stickers, 120 DVDs of Fedora 16, hats,…).

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DevConf lodging: last call!

We’ve managed to get a special rate at Avanti Hotel**** which is our default lodging option for Developer Conference 2012. It’s not only a very nice, clean hotel, but it’s also just a few minutes from the venue. The special rate is €52 (CZK 1,337) for a double-bed room with breakfast and parking lot (no matter if it’s occupied by one or two persons). I need to send the hotel the list of arriving people by Monday January 16th. There is going to be some footwear fair at Brno exhibition area about the same date as Developer Conference, so it may not be easy to get a room in Brno later.

If you’re planning to attend Developer Conference and want to get a room in Avanti Hotel, please contact me by Sunday. 

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Developer Conference 2012’s schedule is out

We’re proud to announce that the schedule for Developer Conference 2012 is ready (check it out on the conference’s website).. It’s going to be two busy days with 60 talks (in 3 tracks), 8 labs and workshops, and 3 hackfests. Speakers, we’ve managed to come, are from all over the world and some of them are really big names in the world of open source software. This year, the conference is a must for all that are interested in Fedora/Red Hat/JBoss technologies.

In addition to information I’ve already mention, we’ve started developing a conference’s app for all kinds of mobile platforms (Android, webOS, Blackberry, Maemo/Harmattan, Symbian) for your convenience (viewing the schedule, selecting talks you wanna attend and making a custom schedule in your calendar, maps with the venue, hotel etc., Twitter hashtag wall etc.).

For more information, visit the conference’s site.