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Summer Internship in Red Hat – update

Two weeks ago, I wrote about an opportunity to do a summer internship in Red Hat Czech. The interest was huge. The post was read by almost 7,000 people and we got many applications. Today, I’ve got a few updates for you:

Schedule for tests that will take place in our office (Purkynova 99/71, 612 45 Brno):
June 1st, 9.30
June 1st, 13.00
June 4th, 9.30
June 4th, 13.00
June 5th, 9.30
June 5th, 13.00
June 8th, 9.30
June 8th, 13.00

You need to register at Doodle.

If you pass the test successfully you’ll have an interview with teams in 1-2 weeks. It will be scheduled individually.

Internships start on July 16th and will last at least 3-4 months and no longer than 12 months. You will need to work 20 hours a week (half-time) and your work time is usually flexible which means that you can e.g. work one week full-time and have one week off if your manager is OK with that.

It may be interesting for Fedora users that we opened a special intern position that we gave a working title – Fedora enthusiast. We’re looking for someone who would help coordinate and promote Fedora Test Days in the community. Some technical background is required, but what we require the most is some level of enthusiasm for Fedora.

Again, if you have any questions, you can ask at jobscz@redhat.com.



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Summer Internship in Red Hat

Looking for a summer job? Red Hat Czech (based in Brno, Czech Republic) is opening intern positions for this summer!

  • Do you code in Java, C, Python, Ruby, Perl, or Bash?
  • Would you be willing to spend 15-20 hours a week on development and testing?
  • Looking for a way to try what working for Red Hat is about with possibility to eventually get a full-time job?

The selection procedure for summer intern positions has just started!

We’re currently opening the following types of intern positions:

  • Development Engineering (C/Python/Ruby/Ruby on Rails/Perl)
  • Quality Assurance Engineering (Python/Bash/Perl)
  • JBoss Quality Assurance Engineering (Java)
  • JBoss Engineering (Java)
  • Kernel Development Engineering (C)
  • Support Engineering (good English, admin)

Got interested?

  • send your CV (in English) to jobscz@redhat.com
  • upload your CV to HR system at https://careers.redhat.com/ext/detail?redhat9337
  • get ready for the selection procedure that will take place at the end of May (final dates will be emailed to you)

The selection procedure consists of two parts:

  1. A written test that will test your technical skills. There are two types of tests: one for JBoss candidates and the other one for others. The JBoss test consists of common tasks that will test your knowledge of Java language and some specific Java-related technologies. The other test consists of 3 parts: knowledge of Linux OS,  QA and developer tests. If you’re more interested in development, the developer test will be your priority (written in your favourite language). If you’re interested in QA, the QA test will be your priority. None of the tests require special preps, they are all very general and test your overall knowledge and skills.
  2. Candidates that will pass the test successfully will be invited to a technical interview with one or more team representatives. The interviews will be organized individually in the next two weeks.