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We’re Organizing Flatpak Workshop

Several years ago, we organized two workshops focused on packaging software for Fedora. It was a success. Both workshops were full and several participants became package maintainers in Fedora. Packaging for Flatpak is becoming popular lately, so we decided to offer a workshop which is focused on flatpaking apps.

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Fedora, Linux, Red Hat 2014 schedule is out!

Last week, we published a schedule of Developer Conference 2014 that is going to take place in Brno on Feb 7-9th and I finally found time to write about it. The schedule looks IMHO very promising. There are around 100 speakers of 18 nationalities that will deliver 68 talks and 30 workshops and labs from 14 topics: cloud, databases, desktop, developer, Fedora, kernel, networking, security, server, software quality, storage, userspace, virtualization. The conference has been expanded into three days. The first two will be standard conference days packed with talks and workshops. The third day is devoted to Fedora. There will be Fedora-related talks in the morning and planning sessions and hackfests in the afternoon. BTW we still have available slots in the afternoon, so if you’d like to organize a session or hackfest, let us know.

But won’t only be about talks and workshops. We’re also preparing a party that will again be in the Fléda club. And there will also be a city tour with a great Canadian guide on Friday. And there are still more things in the works.

We have a special rate for conference participants in Avanti Hotel (and this time also in A Sport Hotel), but there are just a few left, so if you still don’t have accommodation, don’t hesitate.


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Summer Internship in Red Hat

Looking for a summer job? Red Hat Czech (based in Brno, Czech Republic) is opening intern positions for this summer!

  • Do you code in Java, C, Python, Ruby, Perl, or Bash?
  • Would you be willing to spend 15-20 hours a week on development and testing?
  • Looking for a way to try what working for Red Hat is about with possibility to eventually get a full-time job?

The selection procedure for summer intern positions has just started!

We’re currently opening the following types of intern positions:

  • Development Engineering (C/Python/Ruby/Ruby on Rails/Perl)
  • Quality Assurance Engineering (Python/Bash/Perl)
  • JBoss Quality Assurance Engineering (Java)
  • JBoss Engineering (Java)
  • Kernel Development Engineering (C)
  • Support Engineering (good English, admin)

Got interested?

  • send your CV (in English) to
  • upload your CV to HR system at
  • get ready for the selection procedure that will take place at the end of May (final dates will be emailed to you)

The selection procedure consists of two parts:

  1. A written test that will test your technical skills. There are two types of tests: one for JBoss candidates and the other one for others. The JBoss test consists of common tasks that will test your knowledge of Java language and some specific Java-related technologies. The other test consists of 3 parts: knowledge of Linux OS,  QA and developer tests. If you’re more interested in development, the developer test will be your priority (written in your favourite language). If you’re interested in QA, the QA test will be your priority. None of the tests require special preps, they are all very general and test your overall knowledge and skills.
  2. Candidates that will pass the test successfully will be invited to a technical interview with one or more team representatives. The interviews will be organized individually in the next two weeks.

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Red Hat and Fedora at InstallFest 2012

I went to InstallFest 2012 in Prague last weekend and I must say it was a nice conference. It’s kinda small because it’s held in the training center on Czech Technical University’s campus where there is just one lecture room and two smaller labs for workshops, but it’s definitely an interesting event with student spirit. I wasn’t the only redhatter attending the event. Pavel Tišnovský (Java QE) had a talk on ARM processor and workshop on Vim. Both were crowded. I and Dan Horák had a joint talk. I spoke about what Red Hat Czech does for students and the community, how to get involved in Fedora (I emphasized Fedora Test Days which is a very up-to-date subject) etc. Dan continued with the topic “Fedora on ARM”. Our talk was quite well attended which was an improvement compared to InstallFest 2011 when only a few people showed up. Dan Horák continued with “Fedora on ARM” workshop where they discussed various topics about ARM. The workshop was full. It looks like ARM is getting more and more attention in the Linux community.

I also brought about 120 Fedora Multidesktop DVDs that (to my surprise) ran out very quickly. So did Fedora stickers.

I also talked with several people about venues for our Fedora 17 release party in Prague. Yeah, you heard that right, we’re going to have two release parties in the Czech Republic this time!