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Copr repo with the latest GNOME Software

We’ve been working hard for the last months to improve GNOME Software both in Fedora Workstation and Silverblue, especially its reliability. One thing we identified as a problem is a long feedback loop. I took months before bug reporters and designers could easily test changes made based on their feedback.

That’s why Milan Crha, the new GNOME Software maintainer, created a Copr repository that includes the latest development version of GNOME Software. If you want to help us with testing, install GNOME Software from the Copr repository and report issues. They won’t be overlooked. Milan is a very responsive maintainer.


5 thoughts on “Copr repo with the latest GNOME Software

  1. Hello, that’s nice, but will it cause problem when the new fedora 35 with gnome 41 will arrive?and will i be able (when on gnome 41 of course) to return to stable by disabling this copr?

  2. We’re still in the middle of doing major UI changes to gnome-software. It’s not in a state to be tested by the general public yet.

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