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We’re looking for a GNOME developer

We in the Red Hat desktop team are looking for a junior software developer who will work on GNOME. Particularly in printing and document viewing areas of the project.

The location of the position is Brno, Czech Republic, where you’d join a truly international team of desktop developers. It’s a junior position, so candidates just off the university, or even still studying are welcome. We require solid English communication skills and experience with C (and ideally C++, too). But what is a huge plus is experience with GNOME development and participation in the community.

Interested? You can directly apply for the position at or if you have any question, you can write me: eischmann [] redhat [] com.



9 thoughts on “We’re looking for a GNOME developer

    1. Not really in the GNOME Project itself, but part of the job would be developing and maintaining Evince and Evince uses poppler as PDF rendering backend and poppler is written in C++. And yes, sometimes you need to fix things in poppler to make Evince better.

  1. I understand the need of C/C++ because FLOSS is plagued with it 🙂
    But don’t you guys buy into new and interesting languages like Rust or Ceylon? (The latter is even created by RedHat.) I find it a bit sad the the opensource world doesn’t move on.

    1. They are looking for people who will support the existing software, not develop new one, that’s the reason they don’t use new languages, obviously.

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