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Summer Internship in Red Hat

Looking for a summer job? Red Hat Czech (based in Brno, Czech Republic) is opening intern positions for this summer!

  • Do you code in Java, C, Python, Ruby, Perl, or Bash?
  • Would you be willing to spend 15-20 hours a week on development and testing?
  • Looking for a way to try what working for Red Hat is about with possibility to eventually get a full-time job?

The selection procedure for summer intern positions has just started!

We’re currently opening the following types of intern positions:

  • Development Engineering (C/Python/Ruby/Ruby on Rails/Perl)
  • Quality Assurance Engineering (Python/Bash/Perl)
  • JBoss Quality Assurance Engineering (Java)
  • JBoss Engineering (Java)
  • Kernel Development Engineering (C)
  • Support Engineering (good English, admin)

Got interested?

  • send your CV (in English) to jobscz@redhat.com
  • upload your CV to HR system at https://careers.redhat.com/ext/detail?redhat9337
  • get ready for the selection procedure that will take place at the end of May (final dates will be emailed to you)

The selection procedure consists of two parts:

  1. A written test that will test your technical skills. There are two types of tests: one for JBoss candidates and the other one for others. The JBoss test consists of common tasks that will test your knowledge of Java language and some specific Java-related technologies. The other test consists of 3 parts: knowledge of Linux OS,  QA and developer tests. If you’re more interested in development, the developer test will be your priority (written in your favourite language). If you’re interested in QA, the QA test will be your priority. None of the tests require special preps, they are all very general and test your overall knowledge and skills.
  2. Candidates that will pass the test successfully will be invited to a technical interview with one or more team representatives. The interviews will be organized individually in the next two weeks.


7 thoughts on “Summer Internship in Red Hat

  1. Why would I even bother with sending my CV when you gave me no information on the reward for the summer job you propose?

    1. I’m not responsible for recruiting people, so I don’t know all the details. If you need more information ask at the same email address you’re supposed to send your CV to.

  2. Is this open for people outside of czech republik ? I could try to talk to some student in paris if that’s open for them.

    1. The program is designed for local students, but it’s not closed to foreign students. Those students need to be exceptional, though. If there are two candidates with similar skills and one is local and one is a foreigner, teams will always prefer the local one because he will more likely extend his internship and eventually become an employee. On the other hand, there are many very talented students around Europe that are very passionate about open source and Linux technologies and we don’t want to reject them if they really want to work for Red Hat just because they are not local.

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